The Enfield Tap - Located at 112 Spring Street, Enfield CT
Meet Floyd!
When you visit the Tap you will almost always see Floyd "hanging around" dressed for the season. If he's not there you can bet he's off to some fun local making friends with the locals.
About Floyd
This fine feathered (plastic) flamingo came to Enfield as an import from Boston. He followed his dad, Rich, to Ct and made the Enfield Tap his new home.
What Floyd likes to do the most is hang around the Tap and socialize with our patrons but he also loves to travel. The common question when he is "missing" from the Tap is, "Have you seen Floyd?" That is usually followed by some great photos of Floyd traveling with a patron or two.
So far Floyd has been to Quincy, MA, Scituate MA, Boston MA, Longmeadow MA, Newport RI, Ossipee NH, Lake Winnipesaukee NH  and many other local CT places but he is always up for a free trip so if you are lucky, they might just let you take him with you on your next get away. You just have to promise to take pictures and send them to us so we can continue to post the many adventures of Floyd!
If Floyd comes to your location  make sure you get a card so you can view your pic with him on his 
Face Book page!
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